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Moog MiniMoog Model D 1977 in Immaculate Condition

$12,499.00 - On Sale

Immaculate Minimoog, Serial 9008.

This is hands down the best condition Model D available online right now, and probably the best condition we've come across in our over 25+ years of synth repair and sales.

One owner loved and cared for this machine and very carefully stored it away when it wasn't in use. The switches are the right color and aren't dusty from sitting, the whites are white, no UV discoloration, no cigarette burns, no road wear, even the internal cinch-jones connector that is always tarnished and causes weird modulation issues is completely clean and free of the white powdery tarnish (ask your tech, they know this one). The original yellow inspection tag is attached (and will be covered by a plastic bag for protection) This machine is absolutely gorgeous.

No scratchy pots, clean busbar and contacts. New bushings installed in 2017.

It has 3 very small marks in the wood (photos can be provided with rulers for scale) The "Moog" sticker on the back of the head unit has small nicks in the sticker where the prop lever sits (normal wear).

Includes case, CV pedal, hold pedal, original S-trig plug, manual and patch book.

Will be wrapped in paper and plastic to prevent any foam interaction with finish (foam isn't deteriorating but it is the original so we want to take extra precautions).

Case is a Forge by Anvil (not Moog branded) and has straps, not latches. The outer case is a bit warped but it is still a very good case with no cracks or fit issues.

Local pickup is preferred and best for the machine as it will be in loving hands. But, if you cant make it here, It will be boxed carefully in new packaging, in the case, and shipped FedEx. Signature will be required (no exceptions).

Please ask any questions you may have regarding the synth. Its really as good as it seems!