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Salamander Music Systems Voice 400


Salamander Music Systems Voice 400. Made in California in 1980. We hadn't heard of it either!

Super rare, two voice, semi-modular mono synthesizer with analog delay and presets. Fully working with new battery installed. CEM3340/3320/3360 based. This thing sounds AMAZING. It has basic 1/8" I/O for CV/Gate for VCO, VCF, VCA, as well as a proprietary connector for a Salamander controller (good luck finding one). It also has internal triggering based on the LFO/SH circuit, so it is somewhat standalone if you just want to flip it on and freak out. On top of everything else, it has analog delay which makes this thing a trip out for hours machine. There are at least a few good albums in this, and virtually nobody else has one! Plan to have a free day or so when it arrives, because you will get sucked in. Really.

Anodized metal faceplate/rear panel shows normal wear (it looks a lot better in person, it just photographs pretty poorly). Internally it is laid out in a manner that makes it very accessible, so even if you were to have issues down the road, an experienced tech with knowledge of synths and specifically CEM circuits would be able to handle the repairs. Knobs were all replaced recently and they all work, but a couple have an off-center fit (which is just nit-picky for full disclosure).

A few more photos available here:

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