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Juno-106 Arabic Scale Tuning Mod Kit


This kit contains two ROMs that allow you to boot into a special mode that allows you to tune your synth to non-western scales by adjusting keys 1/4 steps (see photo). The Juno will still operate normally and can boot and behave normally with this installed. The unit will work normally unless booted into this special mode at power on.

Some units will require a jumper and ICs installed or removed. DO NOT attempt to install this kit if you are a novice. You can permanently ruin your synth if you make a mistake. It is highly recommended that this kit is installed by an experienced tech with proper tools.

Kit includes
2 ROMS with special mode
2 Sockets (machined type)
1 74LS373 IC
Installation/Operation Instructions

All kits have been tested in a Juno-106 for operational verification before shipment.

Works with HS-60 and Juno-106s.
Incompatible with Kiwi-106.

We ship (almost) everywhere. If your country isn't listed, please let us know and we can update the rates.

No returns accepted if kit is used or even partially installed.