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Roland Juno-106, JX-3P, Alpha Juno 1 Style Key Contacts


NEW Juno-106 type key contacts. Just like the originals, but these are red!

You can now replace your worn out key contacts with new ones made of long lasting, high-temp and tear resistant silicone. These also feature low resistance contact pads for quick and accurate key response.

Sold as single 12 switch or 13 switch strips, and full sets.

Full set will fit any 61 key Juno-106, HS-60, JX-3P, or Alpha Juno JU-1. A set consists of 4pc x 12 contact strips and 1pc x 13 contact strip (61 total notes)

No more sketchy paint, stickers, or other band-aid fixes. Dead keys and double triggers no more!

Note: this is only the contact strips (the "rubber" part), not the contact PCBs.

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