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Jupiter 8 10k replacement slider track PCBs

Image of Jupiter 8 10k replacement slider track PCBs


If your Jupiter 8 has jumpy or non-responsive pots, or your MIDI kit is seemingly misbehaving, these may be just what you need.

These are new, custom designed precision replacement tracks will allow you to properly rebuild and reuse the original front panel pots that came with your synth (does not include bender block pots). No need for weird adapter kits or using modern pots that have the wrong length and wont last as long. Keep your Jupiter original.

This is just the PCB track with new legs, and does not include the other parts of the pot/slider. Heavy duty mounting pins, gold vias, precision trimmed resistor tracks, and silver conductor tracks allow for perfect end-to-end operation of the slider, and enabling proper MIDI value output (where equipped).

Great care should be taken when disassembling and reassembling the pots. We do not yet stock the other parts if you were to break them.