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Key Contacts for Korg, Oberheim, Moog, Sequential, Akai, Kawai


NEW Replacement key contacts for Matsushita type keybeds with rubber membrane-style key contacts. Manufactured by us, LA Synth Co.

You can now replace your worn out key contacts with new ones made of long lasting, high-temp and tear resistant silicone. These also feature low resistance contact pads for quick and accurate key response.

If your keys are hard to trigger or are double-triggering or are just dead, this might be what you need .

Keys feel quick and strident again. You've never felt the keys feel this responsive!

Compatible with:
Korg Polysix, Monopoly, Poly 61, Poly 800
Moog Memory Moog
Oberheim OB-8 (later non-Pratt Read)
Sequential Prophet 600, Six Trak
Akai AX60
And some others, email us for identification.

Best of all you keep the original high quality vintage Japanese keybed at less than half the cost of replacing it with a cheap, unreliable Fatar keybed made of mostly plastic, key contacts with short lifespan, and low quality PCBs.

Don't waste your time on other "fixes" you may have seen online. Gluing cardboard (??!!) to your expensive synth is a bandaid at best. The "kote" paint is inconsistent, time consuming, and becomes unreliable over a short time. It often requires multiple installations with long dry times before it even works.

Our high quality contacts are the flat, smooth type with lower resistance. Best to avoid the other type with the cheaper "waffle" type contact that are more prone to catching dirt and have higher resistance.

With our new contacts, old ones come out, new ones go in (after a quick wipe down) and you're ready to go! Takes a fraction of the time it takes to make these other methods, and gives long term results.

*Monopoly contacts may require a small modification and two small tabs trimmed off. Very simple.

Click here to watch our quick install overview

And click here for a detailed install tutorial done by Synth Hacker!

Manufactured to original specs, but with improved contact material.

NOTE: These do NOT fit ANY synth made by Roland or Kurzweil.

Note: is your synth uses this type of contact and is not listed as a set, please Email Us!