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Key Contacts for Korg, Oberheim, Moog, Sequential, Akai, and others


NEW Replacement key contacts for Matsushita type keybeds with rubber membrane-style key contacts.

If your keys are hard to trigger or are double-triggering or are just dead, this might be what you need .

Keys feel quick and strident again. You've never felt the keys feel this responsive!

Compatible with
Korg Polysix, Monopoly, Poly 61, Poly 800
Moog Memory Moog
Oberheim OB-8 (later non-Pratt Read)
Sequential Prophet 600, Six Trak (and some others TBD)

No more messy paint that is inconsistent, time consuming, and unreliable over a short time. With our new contacts, old ones come out, new ones go in (after a quick wipe down) and you're ready to go!

Click here to watch our quick install overview

And click here for a detailed install tutorial done by Synth Hacker!

Manufactured to original specs, but with improved contact material.

Note: is your synth uses this type of contact and is not listed as a set, please Email Us!