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Keytop for Juno-60 , Juno-6 and EP-11


Keytop for Roland Juno-60, Juno-6, and EP-11

Read carefully, these don't fit every switch. They are made to fit the Alps SUT-11A switches.

Juno 60, this will fit the hold, transpose or arpeggiator button. it DOES NOT fit any of the buttons with the rubber actuator (Memory, DCO, Chorus, etc).

Juno-6 this will fit all the buttons on the top panel.

EP-11...lets be honest, nobody is looking for an EP-11.

The price is for each keytop. This does not include the switch. They are used and in good condition. They do have normal wear from use and UV aging, but they are not warped, cracked or gouged. They are fully functional. The colors can all be interchanged.

We only have the colors listed. If they are out of stock, we don't have them.

Please refer to the service manuals for correct part numbers