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Membrane Button Switch Pad Panel for Prophet 600

$99.00 - On Sale

New, stick-on replacement membrane panel for Prophet 600. Easy installation requires no soldering.
This is a new piece we have manufactured using newer assembly techniques and materials but is practically identical in appearance. Allows you to access all functions for flawless operation.

This is for a membrane panel with attached ribbon wire. Does not include the synth or any other electronics.

Plastic cover shown in picture will be included on front and back of display lens to prevent scratches and is easily removed.

Best installation practice requires removal of top panel boards (for LED alignment). Panel is adhesive-backed and requires one solderless ZIF mylar ribbon connector is inserted. VERY simple but as always we suggest seeking someone who is competent in repairing and working with synthesizers when performing any repairs. The ribbon wire can be easily cut if not installed carefully and we will not replace broken, damaged or improperly installed parts Click here for for installation tips.

All panels are tested before they are sent and verified to work and fit correctly.

Ask about our available installation service!

Note: This is a custom circuit (not a copy) designed to work with a vintage synthesizer and is not made by or endorsed by Sequential Circuits. Sequential Circuits and Prophet 600 are property of their respective owner(s).