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NOS TB-303 Main/switch board assembly


Never used, never separated TB303 Main + Switch boards. Works perfectly, only powered up twice for functional testing. Less than 15 minutes operational use time under our watch.

Switch board and CPU are joined and were never cracked apart. This is how they were manufactured and this step was done upon final assembly.

In great condition. Has a slightly misaligned ENV MOD pot which is likely why it never made it into a completed 303. It was probably meant to be reworked and never was. The pot works and there is no damage or irregularity, It just wasn't fully seated on assembly. This could be rectified easily by a competent tech. Due to the rarity of the piece, we decided to leave it alone, but we can fix it for you if you want upon purchase at no additional cost. Also for full disclosure, it has a very small amount of dust on it in the corners and crevices because it was found in an unsealed antistatic bag. Very minor stuff.

Has been carefully stored in a sealed antistatic bag in box inside a box inside a safe for the last 10 years .

This is a real collectors / museum piece. Very few if any 303's still exist in this condition.

Please email for more information.

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