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SK-776 Keyboard Assembly, NOS. JD-800 style keys and contacts. No pink glue!


This is a keyboard assembly for a KR-33 Roland, but it is also a 76 key version of the SK7 used in the JD-800. What does this mean? It means this keyboard assembly has all the parts to make a JD-800 keyboard with new contacts and NO PINK GLUE !

Obviously the 76 key frame won't fit into a JD-800, but you can use this as a source new keys and contacts, have a few left over for spares.

JD-800 Uses the SK-761 keybed (61 key), this is the SK-776 (76 key) make sense?

Shipping costs will be kinda high due to it's size, so international orders, please contact us for a quote.

Please contact us with any questions before ordering. Again this is not a drop in solution, but it is the next best thing.