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$329.99 - On Sale

Roland TB-303 CPU

NEW, Old Stock

We have a secret stash and we're sharing the goodness.

While clearing up our storage, we found some of these guys in a drawer, in anti-static foam, looking lonely .

We thought, maybe its time to let one go for someone that wants a fresh new one for an old, damaged one, or maybe you're building an RE-303 and want the real thing.

In excellent, unused condition except for a little antistatic foam dust and perhaps microscopic scratches on the legs from inserting them into a socket to test.

Our main tech bought these from Roland years ago and stashed them away. This one was just tested good.

That being said, There are NO RETURNS ACCEPTED on this item. It is triple-tested, it works.

We recommend testing your 303 extensively (maybe with a clone) before inserting this one and running the risk of destroying it. This is a rare, delicate part and needs to be handled and installed by real qualified professionals. If you have to ask what proper handling is, you probably shouldn't buy this.

WE WILL NOT ACCEPT RETURNS FOR THIS ITEM unless we are installing it. By buying, you have read and understood this. It would be too easy to ruin this IC if handled poorly, so we cannot be held responsible for anything that happens once it leaves our hands.

This is an auction for 1 TB-303 CPU, D650 - 133 , Roland part

Does not include any other parts or PCBs.

Will be shipped in antistatic packaging.

International orders, please contact us for a quote before buying. We will require Priority Mail or other trackable, insured carrier.

Sold Out